• The Norwegian population: 5,2 million
  • Number of new cancer cases 2016: 32 827

Cancer of the prostate, breast, lung and colon are the most common cancers and account for 45 percent of the total cancer burden.

Almost half of cancers in Norway are diagnosed in persons at ages 70 or older.


  • There were 10 944 deaths from cancer in 2015 (total number of deaths in Norway: 40 727).


  • Roughly 2 out of 3 cancer patients are alive 5 year after their been diagnosed with cancer.

Large variation in survival rate for different cancer diagnoses: around 90 percent for prostate and breast cancer, but only 12-18 percent for lung cancer.


  • At the end of 2016 more than 262 000 Norwegians were alive after having at least one cancer diagnosis at one point in time.


  • Expected number of new cancer diagnoses in 2030: 40 000

The most important reason for this increase is the ageing population.

Sources: Norwegian Cancer Registry & Norwegian Institue of Public Health.