The Norwegian Cancer Society’s next of kin support

The Norwegian Cancer Society’s next of kin support is a service that will help you as the next of kin to have a simpler everyday life.

Happy for a new service

“When my wife got cancer in 2009, a tough life with a lot of fear and uncertainty awaited. Without help and support from the Cancer Society and others, I do not think we would have been able to cope with the situation.

I am so happy that the Cancer Society is now making a new service that will help cancer-patients’ next of kin. It will not only help you in practice, but also make you and the people around you get closer, enabling you to stand together in a difficult situation.”

Ole Sævild, next of kin

Informasjon på norsk

Next of kin are a very important resource for a cancer patient, but the burden can often be hard. Many people find it difficult to ask others for help, in this case the Norwegian Cancer Society’s Next of kin support can be useful.

Through a permanent helper, the next of kin helper, the aim is for you to get relief by people in your own network contributing and solving everyday tasks, such as housework, childcare, car washing, etc. Many people around you want to help, but do not quite know how.

The next of kin helper will survey and list your needs and call the network to meetings. In this way, tasks are distributed, and you as a next of kin can get the necessary help and support. If you do not have a large network, the next of kin helper will contact relevant offers that can assist.

The service is free of charge.

What can the next of kin support assist with?

The Norwegian Cancer Society’s next of kin support can:

• ensure that the next of kin receives concrete help that makes everyday life easier

• help with better logistics and thus reduce stress in everyday life

• help to create a closer bond between the next of kin and the network that they can enjoy and benefit from later in life

You receive support from the volunteer the next of kin helper for up to 4-5 network meetings, i.e. follow-up for about 4-5 months. The support the volunteer provides is based on help from the network, so that your own network over time can give you the support you need, even after the period of the next of kin support is over.

Who is this service suitable for?

Th next of kin of

  cancer patients during and after treatment who need and want extra support

• cancer patients who need help activating their network

(family, friends, colleagues, etc.)

• cancer-patients that have little network and who need help finding support

• cancer patients with a minority background

How to get help

Register in Nyby to get help from us. Register the place where you live by clicking on the correct link in the list below

This service is completely new, and now it is limited to people who live in the Bergen area and in Kristiansand. During 2022, we will establish the Norwegian Cancer Society’s The next of kin support in several places in the country.

  1. Go to App Store or Google play 
  2. Search for Nyby. Klikk Hent and Instal. 
  3. Once downloaded click «Åpne». Click «Kom i gang». 
  4. Fill in the information requested (name, phone number and city). You will automatically see groups geographically close to you. Find «Få hjelp av Kreftforeningens pårørendehjelp» 
  5. You can now add your request under «dine kanaler.» Press «be om pårørendehjelpen» and write what your request. Write where you are going from and to, time and date.  
  6. Submit your request and wait for a volunteer to get in touch. 

It is possible to have someone at  Kreftforeningen to place the request on your behalf. Get in touch with them. Health workers and next of kin can also get in touch and place a request on your behalf. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Get in touch with Kreftforeningen at 

We will contact you 5 days after your registration. We will then talk about your needs to see if the Norwegian Cancer Society’s The next of kin support can be something for you. If so, we will invite you to a conversation with an employee of the Cancer Society and a volunteer who suits your needs.

Hygiene and infection control

We have a strong focus on making you feel safe when using our services. The volunteers follow the current national and local advice for infection control at all times. If a physical meeting is not possible, you can, for example, keep in touch via video meeting or telephone.

We are looking forward to learning to know you and to show you the way to a simpler everyday life!

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