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About us

The Norwegian cancer Society is one of the largest organisations in Norway representing the voices of those affected by cancer.

Our main priorities

Our politicial viewpoints

In 2017, the organisation had 118 000 members, 25 000 volunteers and 190 employees, who are all dedicated to promoting cancer cause. 

NCS works continuously to improve society’s attitude to the prevention and treatment of cancer. We fight cancer locally, nationally and globally through research and preventive measures, information, support, advice and lobbying.

NCS leads the way. We have introduced a number of vital improvements within the field of cancer. Mammogram screening, the Norwegian Cancer Registry, the Varde centres for patients and their families, and cancer coordinators in the municipalities are just some of the measures we have initiated. 

NCS receives funding. The revenues we receive are from bequests, gifts, membership fees and lottery funds.

Organizational structure.

NCS's objectives as enshrined in the Articles of Association are to work to prevent and reduce cancer, and to improve quality of life for patients and their families. These objectives will be realised through the following means: 

  • broad-based cancer research 
  • information (on the causes of cancer, manifestation, prevention and treatment)
  • cancer care (help for cancer patients and their families)
  • serving as a voice for the cancer cause
  • international work and collaboration 

Our vision: Together we create hope

NCS’s goals for the period 2016–2019

  • Norway will be a pioneer in cancer prevention.
  • Norway will be a pioneer of good patient pathways.
  • More will survive or live longer with cancer.
  • Better quality of life for patients and their families.
  • More user-oriented cancer care.
  • Greater commitment to cancer awareness.

Strategy 2016-2019

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015

Regional offices

The Norwegian Cancer Society has eight regional offices in Norway located in Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Tønsberg, Trondheim, Hamar and Tromsø.