Volunteer for the Cancer Society’s Helping Hands

At the Cancer Society, we help people to express their commitment to the cancer cause. Some people are members or support us financially, while others spend their time helping people who have cancer. 

En collage av bilder av folk som gjør seg klare til å gå på jobb.

Volunteers at the Cancer Society’s helping hands provide cancer patients, their relatives and those experiencing bereavement with practical help, accompaniment and transport, and are also there as someone to talk to. You can choose which tasks you can help with. A small act can mean a lot to someone in a vulnerable situation. You will become part of a team of other volunteers, and receive excellent training and regular opportunities to exchange experiences and pursue professional development. You will be reimbursed for all your expenses related to the assignments. You must be able to take on a minimum of two assignments a month and contribute for six months or more. 

How can you help?

  • Carry out practical tasks in the homes of cancer patients, their relatives and those experiencing bereavement. These tasks might include washing, mowing the lawn, tidying up, vacuuming and gardening. 
  • Be someone to talk to, someone who will listen. 
  • Go for a walk, meet up at a café or visit the home of a cancer patient, their relatives or those experiencing bereavement. 
  • Help with accompaniment and transport to appointments linked to cancer. 
  • You can choose which tasks you want to help with. 

Who are we looking for?

  • You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer 
  • You must be able to carry out one or more of the tasks offered by the Cancer Society’s Helping Hands 
  • You need to be interested in people and thrive in social settings 
  • You must be good at working by yourself and with others 
  • If you want to help with driving tasks, you must have a category B driving licence. 
  • If you want to help with driving tasks, you must have access to a car or be able to drive a rental car/shared car. 
  • You must be able to volunteer for a minimum of six months 

All volunteers are ambassadors for the cancer cause. We meet a lot of people and sometimes they are in vulnerable situations. It is very important that we are trustworthy. We also expect volunteers to be snus- and smoke-free during activities organised by the Cancer Society. 

How much time does it take up?

  • Start-up training, e-learning and meetings with the group leader 
  • A visit either as a conversation partner or to help with practical tasks lasts up to two hours, not including travel time.
  • You will be expected to complete at least two tasks per month. 
  • For the sake of those you are going to help, you must be able to commit to volunteering for at least six months.
  • If you want to help with driving tasks, it is a huge advantage if you are available during the day, as most driving tasks will be in the daytime. 

Yes, I would like to volunteeer

Want to volunteer? You don’t need to have any experience of cancer – just a desire to help! The activities that need volunteers and where they are located in the country varies. Register your interest and we’ll get in touch and let you know which activities need volunteers at the moment.

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Before you get started, we need to get to know you a little better. Please answer a few questions. 

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Hanne Hovde Bye

special advisor


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