Some types of cancer are linked to patient associations, where patients and their families have formed an association to offer support to people with the same diagnosis.

Patient associations are listed under the individual cancer diagnosis. One in three cancer diagnoses are preventable. Find out how below. Finally, you will find information about death and statistics about cancer in Norway.

Some of the brochures we are linked to have been published by cancer associations in other countries and some have been published by the Norwegian Cancer Society. The content of the brochures has been updated and is accurate. Consult your doctor about anything you are unclear about.

Types of cancer

Breast cancer 
Norwegian Breast Cancer Society

Bowel cancer 

Colon and rectal cancer 

Cervical cancer 

Liver cancer

Lung cancer 


Stomach cancer

Prostate cancer


What do you know about your prostate?

Afro-Caribbean men are three times more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men.

African men are two timesmore likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men.

You will find more cancer diagnoses here, under Cancer type: General information.

You will find more patient support groups here.





Hormonal therapy 

Stem cell transplant

Targeted therapy

Complementary therapies

Side effects of cancer treatment

Clinical trials

Living with cancer


Living with cancer

What you can do to help yourself

A guide for young people living with cancer

Living with lung cancer

Plan the future

Talking about death

Questions about death (broschure)

Dying at home Experiences and options (brochure)

Cancer in Norway

A brief overview of Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Survival and Prevalence in Norway.

When you get ill in Norway, it is important to know your rights.

Several services are available that can help you and your family cope with living with cancer.