Kreftforeningens veivisere – The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Patient Navigator

Dealing with cancer can be hard and challenging physically, mentally and practically. The Norwegian Cancer Society’s patient navigator service can give you extra support and assistance during and after treatment. 

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Are you struggling to get an overview of your own situation? Do you need extra support? If so, our navigators can help you. A navigator aims to give you better insight and overview of the course of your treatment, and help you cope with your own situation. The service is free of charge.

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How can a patient navigator assist you?

The navigator will assist you in

  • Finding solutions to practical problems/challenges
  • Getting an overview of appointments related to treatment or rehabilitation
  • Understanding information from the hospital, NAV or other public services
  • Navigating in public systems
  • Support in meetings with different public services
  • Easing pressure and workload for family members or next of kin, provide support when family members live far away, or when there is no next of kin available
  • Being someone you can talk to and who will support you

Your navigator will be able to support you for a period of up to six months, eight hours a month. The support is self-help based and aims to improve your abilities to cope with everyday life.

For whom is this service suitable? Who can get support from a navigator?

  • Cancer patients under treatment or in rehabilitation needing extra support
  • Cancer patients with limited network/family/friends available
  • Cancer patients with different cultural backgrounds

How does it work?

During 2022 we will establish the navigator service in several other places around Norway. If you want support from a navigator, click on the location below, and fill out the form using the Nyby app. 

Should you need more information or help to register, please call The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Counselling Service phone number 21 49 49 21. A health worker will assist you with your registration. After registration, you will be contacted within five days. We will invite you to a meeting to discuss your challenges and how we can assist you. Based on your needs, we will find a navigator suitable for you and invite you to a meeting.

Covid 19: Hygiene and infection control

We place great emphasis in securing your safety when using our services. Our volunteers are well informed and are following the latest updated national and local guidelines for Covid 19. If circumstances do not allow physical meetings we will arrange digital meetings through videocall or telephone.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and guide you through some of your daily challenges, making your everyday life a bit easier!

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