Følgetjenesten – The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Transport Service

The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Transport Service offers people with cancer company to and from treatment, monitoring and other appointments related to their illness.  

During the summer, the Cancer society’s transport service will have reduced capacity due to vacation time for our volunteers. Therefore, it might take some time before you hear from us. The quickest way to get a response is to submit your request directly through Nyby. If you are unable to do so, please contact us.

Information in Norwegian

By using the transport service patients are assisted by qualified volunteers to and from their appointment whether it is at the hospital, the doctor’s office, pharmacy, dentist, physical therapist et cetera. It is up to the patient to decide if you want to be accompanied by car or other means of transport. The service is free of charge.

The transport service is for you who: 

  • Is a cancer patient and want to be accompanied as you go to the hospital, doctor or other activities or treatments related to your cancer diagnosis
  • Live in Oslo and surroundings, Trondheim, Tromsø, Kristiansand, Valdres, Vennesla, Lillesand, Nord-Jæren, Haugalandet and Ålesund.

Who accompanies you?  

Volunteers with the Norwegian Cancer Society’s Transport Service accompany you. They pick you up at the agreed address and escort you to your destination. Volunteers cannot go with you into the treatment room or the doctor’s office. They will wait for you outside and make sure you get home again safely. If you want to make use of the companionship service several time we aim at providing you with the same volunteer for your following appointments. This is to build your feeling of safety and a good experience for both you and the volunteer.

Most of the staff and a majority of the volunteers are on holiday leave in July. It might therefore take some time before we get in contact with you. But we will do our best to reply on your request as soon as we can.

How does it work?  

The first time you want to make use of the companionship service you place a request through the app Nyby or by getting in touch with Kreftforeningen. Health workers can also place the request on your behalf. Read more about how to place a request further down on this page.

Once your request is placed in Nyby one of our volunteers will get in touch to make detailed agreements. As you place your request you include where you want to be picked up, where you are going, date and time and duration of your appointment (if available). If you want to be escorted by other means than car (eg. bus, walking or taxi) please include this in your request.

We comply with all health regulations and guideline set by Folkehelseinstituttet and expect you to do so as well. Our volunteers only accompany one person at a time. Your request must be placed at least three days prior to your appointment. If you want to make use of the same volunteer later, you can make arrangement between the two of you. If the time does not match with the volunteer’s availability, you can place a new request in Nyby.

Hygiene and infection control

It is important for us that you feel safe in using our companionship service. Our volunteers follow the regulation and guidelines on infection control at all times.

When it comes to the use of face masks in connection with the companionship service, it is important that you as a user let us know what you prefer – a trip with or without a face mask when ordering assignments.

The vehicle will be cleaned thoroughly before and after transport.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and accompany you to where you are going!

This is how you place a request in Nyby 

Register in Nyby to receive help. Choose your location to register. 

  1. Go to App Store or Google play 
  2. Search for Nyby. Klikk Hent and Instal. 
  3. Once downloaded click «Åpne». Click «Kom i gang». 
  4. Fill in the information requested (name, phone number and city). You will automatically see groups geographically close to you. Find «Få hjelp av Kreftforeningens følgetjeneste» 
  5. You can now add your request under «dine kanaler.» Press «be om følgetjenesten» and write what your request. Write where you are going from and to, time and date.  
  6. Submit your request and wait for a volunteer to get in touch. 

It is possible to have someone at Kreftforeningen to place the request on your behalf. Get in touch with them. Health workers and next of kin can also get in touch and place a request on your behalf. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Get in touch with Kreftforeningen at post@kreftforeningen.no 

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